How to Choose the Right Displays for Your Restaurant or Bakery

If you run or manage a restaurant or bakery, or any sort of eatery, you need to have proper displays set up at the front, and even at other locations throughout the dining area. Displays impel and encourage customers to buy, as seeing delicious treats and baked goods can make a person's mouth water, so that they absolutely need to sample what you're offering! Those displays can also make it easier for someone to choose various items from the menu; for example, if the displays show your selection of bottled beverages, customers may select their item more quickly than having to read line after line of their choices on the menu. To ensure you get the right displays for your restaurant, diner, lunch counter, or bakery, note a few tips to keep in mind.

Make them catch someone's eyes

Displays can be easily overlooked by diners who are in a rush and need to pay attention to the menu, are distracted by their dining companion and their phone, and so on. Your displays may be the last thing that gets their attention, so you need to ensure they catch the eyes of your customers.

For example, a cake or pastry display that spins can be more noticeable than standard racks and shelves. Lights under the top of the displays can also make them stand out. Be sure you opt for displays that won't get lost in your restaurant or other establishment, and this will ensure your items get noticed by customers.

Be cautious about shelves

Adding shelves to your display can allow you to set out as many options as possible, but they can also block the view of items you're keeping in those cases. Be judicious about the number of shelves you choose, and ensure that the display case is  not so cluttered that customers cannot get a good view of everything available.

Accessibility and organizing

Some displays should be accessible to customers for the sake of expediency; for example, if customers can help themselves to canned and bottled beverages, your staff won't need to retrieve these for them. When choosing accessible displays, note how much clearance would be needed for doors, and if these would get in the way of foot traffic. It may be good to choose a display with two smaller doors than one wide door, or even separate displays that allow you to organize your items, such as soda in one display, milk in another, and so on.